A1 Artison Manufacturer & Exporter of Badges, Uniform Accessories & Accountrements, Woven, Machinemade and Metal Badges, Berets & Forces Caps, R.A.O.A and Masonic Regalia, Rotary and Club Products, Historic Civilwar Uniforms and revlevatn products, Braids, Cords, Weaving, Ribbons, Webbing and much more...

We also manufacture Handmade Gold and Silver Bullion Embroidered badges, patches all kinds], Family Crests, Wings,Patches, Insignia badges], Cap badges, blazer badges, UK Rexin badges, Sashes, Banners & flags, Bullion Tassels, Pins, Army, Air force, Navy, Police, Fire Department, law Enforcement badges, Forces badges, Clubs, Schools/Colleges/Universities badges , Epaulettes, Uniform Regalias, Cap Visors, Banners, Lanyards, Trimmings, Braids, Buttons, Shoulder boards, Ranks & Regimental Badges, Military Navy, Air Force Accoutrements, Uniform Equipment for Police, Fire Departments, Hand Embroidered Key Rings, Defense Services & Clubs badges, Regimental uniform Accessories, Berets, Caps & Hats, Sword knot, Chin straps, Shoulder, Chin Cord, Bag pipe Cords, Cords, Shoulder straps, Whistle, Whistle Cords, Collar Tabs, Pennants, Monograms, Land Yards, Braids" for Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Clubs, Fire Brigade, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Scouts and much more>>>

Its been a source of honor for A1 Artison that this Organization possesses the experience of two generations, thus the credibility and professional standing is what our company work with, reliably this is the home where work is done with care and professional concern, taking in view the fullest demands, wants and instructions of the customers in making a product.

The manufacturing of surgical instruments and beauty care instruments is a long tradition of Sialkot and A1 Artison is a part of that making us proud of manufacturing instruments of excellent quality and has remained unchanged to this day.

We provide Civil War Uniforms, Boer War, Zulu War, Indian Wars uniforms, accoutrements, brogans, American Civil War (ACW), UK Civil War, German uniforms, Confederate, Union, Victorian costumes, firearms, Presenting Military Uniform, American Civil war capi, Great Coats, Officers over coat, Fatigue Blouse dresses, Frock coat, Shell jackets, World war one uniforms, World war two uniforms, Civil war Shirts, Civil war Trousers, Civil war Khaki Field Blouse, Officers cloak coat, Oliskin Duster, Sack coat, Victorian Travelling coat, Ulster coat, Military Vest, New York Zouave Uniforms, Mexican jacket and trousers, Relaxing suits, officers uniforms, civilian wears, monastic uniforms, ladies wears etc.

We are pleased to welcome you tour On-Line product display center

Here you will find products of your needs and if requires assistance please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Once an order has been Checked and agreed in writing letter fax email by the customer,is it CONFIRMED. Once an order is CONFIRMED the customer is obliged to accept delivery pay the agreed price and adhere to the payment terms of the order. Title of the goods remains with A1 Artison. until payment is made in full.

All orders below Euro 1,000 plus VAT will require 100% payment with the order confirmation before production begins.

Trade credit terms are available by separate negotiation. On orders over Euro 1,000 A1 Artison. will accept a non-refundable deposit of 50% with an order confirmation before production begins. The remaining 50% balance is to be paid and cleared before despatch. Whilst every effort will be made to deliver orders to the 5 to 6 week target, this is a target and due to seasonal trends this can be extended at anytime even after an order has been confirmed, The target is not guaranteed and not contractual.

If A1 Artison. has failed to comply with the confirmed customer order instructions or the product is faulty we will happily exchange the product. Notification of an issue/fault with an order must be made by phone/email/fax/letter to A1 Artison. within 48 hours of delivery. The goods must be retained in unused condition and the cost of any loss or damage will be borne by the customer.

Through confirmation of this order you agree you have full permission for the use of any logos and accept full responsibility for any subsequent actions taken by parties associated with said logos. For avoidance of doubt, these conditions will be governed by Pakistan Law.

This page explains how A1 Artison uses any information you provide us and the methods in which we protect your privacy.

We have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from your side. We use up-to-date technologies to provide safeguard to any sensitive data and encryption software to protect any details you submit and keep very strict security patterns to prevent any unauthorized access to it. We will never pass on your details to any third parties and we do not send random marketing emails to personal email addresses (spam).

We gather information about you and your company for 2 reasons;firstly to process your order and second to provide you with the best possible service

The kinds of information we will collect about you includes:

Your name

Company name


Phone Number

Email address

Information required for order processing

We will never get sensitive information about you without mutual understanding. The information we hold will be accurate and up to date. You can query the information that we hold about you by emailing us. If there are any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it promptly.

The personal information, which we hold, will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.

Quality Control

Our policy is to manufacture products which comply with the specifications established and agreed with our customers at a realistic and marketable cost, and to deliver them on time. In order to implement the policy, we will follow a continuous program of improvement, based on prevention rather than detection of faults.

Working with TQM (Total Quality Management) principles we will equip each of our personnel with the knowledge and resources required to successfully contribute towards our on-going search for excellence. We will provide a safe working environment for all our personnel and continually check and redefine product safety levels to ensure customer safety, and to always be aware of the environmental implications of all our processes and practices.

To continually improve our supplier relationships by periodic auditing consultation and training. Commitment at all levels to Getting it right first time is essential to successful implementation of the policy.

Policy Summary

1. Learn the requirements of our customers and Teach our employees

2. Provide the Correct Necessary Equipment to get the job done right

3. Provide a Safe and Pleasant working environment 4. Operate a Get It Right First Time approach

4. Use supportive Systems and Procedures to ensure consistency

5. Implement Continuous Improvement through Research and Development

6. Protect the environment by using cleaner, safer working practices

7. Operate within *Government Guidelines

8. Set goals in achieving recognized Accreditations

9. Deliver On Time at the Right Price


1. Courier Service:

we ship most of our orders through DHL Courier Service to worldwide destinations. Usually transient time is 72 working hours.

Shipping for other countries please do ask us.

We also use FedEx and UPS on customers request almost 30% expensive to DHL. If interested please confirm your shipping address for exact shipping cost via FedEx OR UPS Pakistan.

When order weight increases from 50 kg only additional flat rate is charged and first kg is waved off . However, if order weight is below to 50kg Ist kg will be charged as usual please.

The above prices are subject to change upon any increase OR change by DHL courier service Pakistan.

The quoted prices are in GBP, USD & EURO please. If your currency is different than above mentioned, just convert the given currency in your local one & calculate shipping cost accordingly please.

we send maximum 25 kg of each parcel for goods safe-guard and protection, however, one parcel up to 30 kg may also be forward on request.

2. Air-mail service/Postal Service:

We only use Air-mail for small packets/orders. This medium is generally used for retail orders/online shopping by collectors and individuals for personal use of products. Being a cheaper source of shipping most of direct clients prefers it but A1 Artison is not responsible for late delivery as this medium is without any tracking facility. Usually Air-mail takes 7 days to reach Europe and 12 days to USA, Canada & Australian destinations.

3. EMS OR Express Mail/Postal Service:

Some clients ask for Express Mail or EMS to be used for their orders. Although it is comparatively bit inexpensive to DHL facilitated with Tracking No yet the price difference is not much, merely 12% to 14% cheaper to DHL comparatively.

It generally delivers in 5/6 days to Europe & 8/10 days to US, Canada & Australia. We had some bad delivery experience to our clients by this medium so we try to use courier only. If you prefer to use this A1 Artison is not held responsible for delay on the part of EMS while delivering your order please.

4. Surface Mail/Postal Service:

Sorry we dont use this delivery medium because its transient time is unsubstantiated even by SIALKOT - GPO they say it reaches to the destination but. How long we are not certain.

5. Cargo Services:

In case of bulk orders we use cargo services both Air Cargo and Sea Cargo.

Air Cargo delivers by two methods:

It delivers to the destination Airport and customer hires an agent for custom clearance from the Airport - inexpensive method

It takes responsibility to deliver to customers premises/warehouse - expensive method. Please confirm your nearest Airport details when ordering. Generally takes 10 days to all destinations. We preferable use Emirates & British Airways for Air Cargo please.

6. Sea Cargo:

Ideal shipping source for bulk orders like 20 and 40 container. Delivery time 25/28 days approximately. Freight cost approximately almost 8% of the total amount of order depending on destination country.

For the purpose of customization; If you could not find anything special listed in our website you can send us your own design, sketch or drawing to get anything produced as your own brand. If you can not provide us anything according to aforesaid, then our designing department could assist you by following your ideas and requirements.

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